A Busy Parents’ Guide to Throwing a Hassle-free and Fun House Party for Toddlers

Parenthood really took you to another level of personal growth and maturity. Your kids may have pushed you to the edge of your patience. They’ll never hesitate to nudge you for mini chocolate eclairs to buy whenever they see one. However, they surely increase your capacity to give unconditional love. They kept you busy all day, working during the day and taking care of them at night. And all they can ever think of is play!

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Your kids’ first birthday has been filled with twists and turns. But it’s a lot of fun! Now that they’re toddlers, you’re in for another challenge of organizing a house party for them.

Do you have that resolution this time to make the event as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible? If you do, you can find the following insights useful.

1. Opt to avail of a catering service.

Preparing food takes a lot of time. If you’re juggling household chores and work, it would be wise to just avail of food services. Therefore, hire a caterer to prepare your kids’ favourite dishes, drinks, and desserts. This covers pretty much everything for the food, including meal planning, preparation, and serving. After the party, you won’t have to worry about the dirty dishes.

2. Choose treats, game prizes, and giveaways they’ll surely love.

Toddlers are dubbed as terrible twos for a good reason. They just want to have fun, and eat! Instead of controlling them and receiving their defiant attitude, allow them to play! Organise games they’ll love. Look for reasonably priced mini chocolate eclairs to buy as prices for the games.

3. Organise fun and exciting games.

Once you’ve bought all the bakery product food service items to shop as prices and giveaways, it’s time to come up with exciting games. Think of activities that would be fun and safe for children. If you don’t have any in mind yet, choose one or more of the following:

  • Simon Says – a great game to hone their ability to follow directions
  • Scavenger Hunt – perfect for toddlers with over-the-top energy and those who like to go outdoors
  • Obstacle Course – an awesome game for athletic children
  • Puzzles – good for those who love to stay indoors

4. Delegate the tasks.

For sure, you’ve tried handling everything during their previous birthdays. You ended up exhausted, right? Although there’s a certain level of fulfilment by being hands-on, it’s also wise to just delegate. Doing this allows you to join the games and spend quality time with your kids.

Hire someone to do the decorations. Contact a caterer to enjoy a sumptuous feast only food service Brisbane experts can offer. Assign someone to go to restaurants and bakers, or foodservice providers, such as The Country Chef Bakery Co, to look for giveaways, cakes, and mini chocolate eclairs to buy.

Final notes

Parties might be such a small thing for adults. However, for children, these are actually exciting and worth looking forward to. And your kids might not remember how lavish and fun their 2nd birthday party may be. But they’ll surely remember you having fun with them on their big day. Therefore, for their upcoming party, make it a goal to make it hassle-free, so you can have fun, too.