How to mix and match your furniture pieces the smart way

The variety of furniture designs on the market today can overwhelm any first-time buyer. For instance, when you check out, for example, you will see a huge collection of homeware and furniture to suit various tastes of homeowners, regardless of their property.


Now, when you are planning to redecorate your interiors, you would be buying new sets of furniture and find some ways to ensure they would not clash with the old ones. Unless your old pieces are completely worn out, you cannot afford to throw them out, can you?

This is where you should know how to mix and match furniture pieces. Consider these tips:

Set a goal

Before you even start re-decorating, you need to set a goal first. What look and feel do you want to attain? Are you looking to achieve an eclectic style, or do you have a specific theme in mind?

Remember that if you are going to throw a lot of ideas all over the place, you might end up having a cluttered space. So, set a goal and pick your new pieces to match with your old ones.

Be familiar with the features of your old and new furniture

To properly mix your old and new furniture, you should be familiar with their features. What elements do your old pieces of furniture have? What should you look for in your new pieces to complement them?

The important thing to do is to take the time to survey all the pieces that you have. Then, assess the new units you are interested in.

Play with combinations that you think are possible and see where they lead you.

Feel free to get creative, but do not go overboard

Most likely, you would go for the eclectic style. This allows you to get creative.

You can combine styles from different cultures and periods. To ensure that everything goes well together, use something that all the pieces have in common. It could be a colour, texture, or pattern.

Do not be afraid to use contrasting shades

Whatever space you are redecorating—living room, bedroom, guest room, etc.—using contrast is very important. If everything is monotonic, then your space would be boring.

So, try to match strong patterns against plain areas, dark items against lighter ones, and metal against wood.

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