Reasons why you should hire professionals to control rodent infestations

Presence of rodents inside your home is never okay. These pests are known to carry diseases, damage property, and some species are even known to attack humans. They are also known to contaminate food with their saliva, fur, and waste, which when eaten can cause serious health problems. With the number of dangers rodents bring, you should immediately seek pest control companies such as to help you get rid of these pests.

Rodents can easily multiply; just imagine a single pair of male and female rodents can produce 15 litters in a year. Presence of just a pair of rodent can easily result in an uncontrollable infestation.

However, controlling rodent infestation is not an easy job. A full-blown rodent infestation cannot be controlled by any DIY tricks such as using essential oils, mothballs, and other pesticides. As much as you want to do this on your own, it is best that you let the professionals like Dentec Pest Management do this job for you.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a pest control company for your rodent infestation:

1. Health risks

Professionals know how to handle rodents which are known to carry several diseases through their saliva, fur, urine, and faeces. The usual disease they can transmit to humans include hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, Lassa fever, Omsk hemorrhagic fever, and many more.

Aside from the diseases that they transmit, rodents have large front teeth and can attack humans. When bitten, they can result in bacterial infections such as spirillary bite fever and streptobacillary bite fever.

2. You may underestimate the infestation

Using store-bought pesticides may control a handful of rodents, but rodents breed rapidly and can increase their population in no time. When you try to control these pests on your own, there is a tendency that you will underestimate the severity of the infestation. When you hire pest control professionals, they will first thoroughly inspect your home and make an effective plan that can stop and eliminate these pests.

3. Effective rodent elimination and prevent future infestation

Pest control professionals have the experience, training and enough knowledge to effectively eliminate pests from your home. They know where these rodents hide and breed, and they also know what kind of techniques to use to eliminate those pests out of your house. Professionals from can also help you keep your house safe from future infestations.

4. Professionals use safer methods

Eliminating rodents on your own can be hazardous if you do not know how to handle pesticides. Using pesticides around the house can be risky if you have young children and pets; these may be ingested by them and may result in a medical emergency.

On the other hand, if you get the services of professionals, you would not worry about mishandling pesticides that can harm your children or pets. Professionals know how to eliminate pests safely, without putting your household at risk.